Section FAQ

All images are retouched by a professional touch-up artist
All images are retouched within 24 hours or less
The more specific you are, the better the end result will be. The best work is done when we know what you want.
You can resubmit your image at no charge by clicking the "rework" button and explaining what is wrong.
You are allowed up to 3 reworks
Your data and images are safe with us, you can find our privacy statement at
No, so please make sure you have explained what you want done before clicking submit. You can still submit your image for a free rework if you not happy with the results

Section About TouchMeUp

We bring more than 20 years experience managing images for the top model agencies and their models and actively manage over 30,000,000 images of the world's leading models. The editing studio which has been a trade secret since the 90's retouches more than 2 million images every year. All images are worked on by a professional touch-up Artist, which will make you look your best.
Looking your very best online is becoming increasingly important, as millions of us now socialize, date, and network using online platforms. Since people do not get as much face-time with their clients, friends, and prospective dating partners, it is critical that people put their “best face forward”.